Monday, March 9, 2009


When Robb travels (which is, you know, often), one of our marital lifelines is to pray for one another each day. So, I have set the alarm on my phone to ring at 10:10 every morning, and the boys know that sound.

Tucker will stop what he is doing, wherever he is, to shout, "Mommy! Pray for Daddy!"

Sometimes, when my phone is in another part of the house, I let the alarm play itself out... and then ten minutes later it sounds again. And Tucker shouts, "Mommy! Pray for Daddy - AGAIN!"

Today, I happened to be right beside him, with my camera phone in hand.

"Please, God. Daddy in the airplane. Safe. Please. Aaaay-men."

When these two boys were born into our family, I didn't yet envision the joy and humility of them praying for us.


Polly said...

Yes, it is indeed a humbling experience when your children choose to pray for YOU. Especially when you know that the desire of their hearts is that their prayers for you will really reach the throne of their Creator.

Trust me. I've had that experience.

It was just yesterday.

My name is Stephanie said...