Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm just happy.

I am smiling.

We are on day #4 of our Family Staycation, and everyday presents something fun for all of us. (More on this later.) Today, we went to the zoo. I love the zoo. I love the peacocks, the hippos, the lions, the monkeys, the elephants, and my children's impersonations of each.

In the car, Tyler relaxed with his favorite book. And from across the aisle, Tucker asked, "Hey, Tozz, whatcha readin' about?" There is just so much I love about that sweet little dialogue.

And, we had a family lunch date at McDonald's. Happy Meal toys notwithstanding.

And, since it is nearly seventy degrees outside today, I foraged through my drawers to find my favorite capris from last summer. And they fit. I thought they would, but when clothes have been tucked away for a year, you never know what you might find. It's like having coffee with an old friend... you might fall right into old routines and easy familiarity, but you don't know if too much time has passed and maybe it's not quite as comfortable as it once was. Maybe you have each changed just a bit, and it will take more than one coffee date to find your groove in this relationship again. But to my delight, they fit just like last summer. We were glad to find each other again. So comfy.

And, now I am at the library with my laptop and a mocha, immersing myself in various forms of words.

If you were looking for more depth, perhaps you should visit someone else's blog.

Today, I'm just happy.

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