Wednesday, March 25, 2009

False Promises

Tyler woke up this morning, wishing to go to church.

Ty: Go to church today?

Me: No, not today, buddy. It's Wednesday.

Ty: Go to church?

Me: Nope. Not today.

Ty: Go to church. Tyler go to church.

And so it went. We dialogued back and forth, until he finally either believed me or changed the subject. No more discussion of church today. Until he saw his brother at the breakfast table.

Ty: Hi, Tuck! Go to church today?

Tuck: Maybe, Tozz. Maybe we will.

And our dialogue began again. This time, Tyler was insistent. Leave it to the big brother to stir things up again, with promises of things uncertain.

"You just never know, Tyler. Better ask her again."

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