Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Potty Whisperer

I have the bladder of a teacher (seemingly boundless capacity), and I have some issues with public restrooms. So I don't usually go, if I can avoid it.

Tucker, my sweet son and prince of potty training success, is quite enamored with the process and the opportunity to make multiple visits to the restroom inside every restaurant, grocery store, and home we visit.

But he has given me a new experience every time we visit one. He has a special awareness for each potty: he believes they have feelings. (I'm not kidding.)

Without exception, he peeks into the toilet bowl and immediately declares how that potty is feeling today. (Seriously.)

If the toilet has recently been flushed, and water is still streaming down the insie of the bowl, he says, "Oh, he is sad. He needs his mommy."

But he also judges the emotions based on the shape of the opening at the bottom of the bowl. For example, this potty is angry.

Tucker took one look, literally leapt backwards, and said, "Oh! Mad!" He growled.

And according to Tucker, this potty is surprised. Can't you tell?

Of all the lessons I anticipated learning from my children, I did not foresee the knowledge of potty empathy.

(He is one funny boy.)


Alli said...

Oh, he's right! My potty does look surprised, T. Can't you see it? It makes me think of Tuck when he used to say, "Ohh! Oh Ohh!"

Yep. Surprised.

I see it.

Sherie said...

Trica, you truly crack me up!! I will never look at a potty the same way again--and I will always think of You and Tucker. I wonder what you would have told me five years ago if I had suggested to you that you would be taking pictures of pottys.

Sherie said...

...yes, my editor friend, I do know how to spell your name, and I do know how to proofread. However, my little finger which was headed for the arrow button bumped the enter button on the way. Ugh!

Tricia said...

You're funny Sheri! It may interest you to know that I didn't even see the mistake until you mentioned it. :)

I could have taken more pictures of potties and their emotions, but really, you start to feel ridiculous pulling out the camera in every stall.

Take my word for it. :)