Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy, do you have a...

(Warning. This post involves graphic discussions of anatomy.)

Tuck: Mommy, do you have a penis?

M: Nope.

T: Does Tyler?

M: Yes.

T: Does Caillou? (a current favorite cartoon character)

M: Well, Caillou is a boy. So, yes.

T: Does the book have a penis?

M: No.

T: But there's a boy in the book.

M: Then yes. He has one. But the book does not have one.

T: But you don't have one?

M: Nope.

Tuck: Oh, poor Mommy.

(He is oh-so-proud of his. And oh-so-sure I'm wishing I had one. It starts early.)

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