Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before Coldness Sets In

One of my favorite things to do, at the end of a long day, is to cover my children one more time with their blankets.

After an easy bedtime, and especially after a hard one;
after they have felt abundantly loved,
and especially if they have perhaps wondered;
after they have been thankful for my faithfulness,
but especially if they have questioned whether I'm acting in their best interests,
I like to sneak into their quiet bedrooms and cover them up.
Comfy, cozy.

After all, they might get cold during the night, and I can prevent that in a very silent, unobserved way. They don't even know I was there.

And, I can kiss them once more before I leave.

As I did precisely that at the end of a rougher day with the sweet ones entrusted to me, I was feeling particularly weary from a few things on my mind and on my heart. Sick children, traveling husband, unemployment toying with the hearts of those I love.

And suddenly I wondered, as I tucked blankets under their chins, how has God done this same thing for me? Quieted me before I could spin out of control? Tucked a blanket quietly around me, before coldness could set in? Silently, unobservably offered himself, in ways I might never notice?

My mind was flooded with a dozen gifts...

an encouraging conversation with a trusted friend,
a timely card in the mail,
a song lyric that seems to speak directly to me,
a gift card to Starbucks from a friend who says,
"I think you could use some time for you,"
a kiss from my son,
a hug from his brother,
a knowing glance from my mom,
a laugh from my dad,
a text from my brother,
a phone call from my husband,
a verse on my mind.
Perhaps God sent them my way.
So I wouldn't feel cold.


Jeni said...

Beautiful, Tricia, I always love your writing! :)

my3boys said...

Love this!

Betsy said...

Tricia, I love this too.