Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Quirky.

There are many things I don't care about, and lots of things I should. There are many things I care deeply about, and a few perhaps too much.

Like paper, pens, and all related things.

This has always been true. I am often the happy - and honest - scorekeeper for any game, but please don't touch my pen or the score card. An error may force me to re-copy and begin again.

In college, I only used a 3-ring binder for class notes, because a spiral notebook offered too many stressful variables. If I missed a class (which was likely), I would be far too stressed about leaving the right amount of space for the notes I missed, and I certainly couldn't write them out of order, and what would I do if I finished the notebook before the course, or WORSE, the course before the notebook??

(My blood pressure rises at the very thought.)

Monday is not the most efficient day of my week for grocery shopping; Wednesday would suit me better. But the darling meal calendar on the refrigerator begins on Monday. If I shop on Wednesday, well, there would be empty days on the grid. Can't handle.

And now, now, I cannot find my blue highlighter with the built-in sticky tabs. And one of the books I'm reading calls for both. Both, I tell you.

This should perhaps matter to me less than it does. But it doesn't matter less. It matters.

See? I'm quirky.


Polly said...

And I think this would be why last week Ty showed me two scraps of paper he'd found and announced dramatically, "Grandma, THIS will be my LIST. And here is one for you. DON'T LOSE IT."

my3boys said...

I read this yesterday. Today I was at Walmart and saw a blue hightlighter with the stickies and I thought of you! (Walmart kind of makes me think of you anyway.) tee hee! ;)

Emily Kaye said...

This sounds so like me that it's scary. I totally understand each and every quirk...I have them too.