Friday, January 15, 2010

Role Model Extraordinaire

As we dined over pizza and unbelievable garlic breadsticks at a favorite spot in town, Tucker spotted a police car as he passed by the window.

"Oh, look! A police car!"

"That's right, buddy. Where do you think he's going?"

"Probably to help someone."

And in a sing-songy voice that was perhaps only sarcastic in my own ears, Robb said, "Mommy has had lots of help from policemen this year."

(It's true. Speeding tickets. Three of them. Ahem. Moving on.)

I kicked him under the table.

Mimicking his sing-song voice, I said, "They've already learned about policemen helping us."

And not missing a beat, he playfully continued, "Then maybe you could stop offering a firsthand example."



Here's to fewer dollars paid to the county in 2010.

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