Saturday, November 5, 2011


We popped popcorn, filled cups with orange juice, pulled the couch into the middle of the living room, loaded up on pillows and blankets, dimmed the lights, and tapped into Netflix.  I introduced the boys to Annie, in all of her curly charm.

Twenty-five years ago, my brother and I watched this movie on a seemingly endless loop. (My mom thinks she may have watched it once in its entirety.  This blesses me deeply to realize that she had other things to do while we were watching TV.)  The lyrics and dialogue are hidden in my subconscious mind, and they emerged throughout the evening.  Thankfully, the boys don't yet believe this kind of commentary takes away from the movie experience.  They are simply impressed that I seem to know Annie's friends.  And her every word.

We streamed Netflix through the Wii, and the movie sometimes got ahead of the download.  So we had to be patient while the screen paused to 'retrieve.'  Long about the tenth time we were staring at a still screen, I was the one who became impatient.  Surprisingly, the boys were really fine with the wait.

Tyler said, "Mommy, this is not that bad.  You know what's bad?  Touching hot lava.  This isn't that bad."

True.  Thank you for the perspective, four-year-old.

The thing about Annie: she brings with her the word 'orphan.'  She gives us things to talk about.  Questions to ask. 

"Annie misses her mom and dad, because they died.  She wears that necklace because it reminds her of them."

"She lives in a big house for little girls because she doesn't have anyone else to take care of her.  Who would take care of us if Mommy died?" 

There is little safety in promising I won't die, since we sure didn't think Robb would.   So we talk through Plans B, C, and D.

When your world has been torn, it's hard to believe the seams will stay together for long.  It's good to know there's a plan.  They can follow the scenario to the darkest path, and they can still know there is a plan. 

They were captivated.  They woke me the next morning to say, "Mommy, let's talk about Annie."  We have been reenacting scenes all week long, and I will purchase the sound track soon.  Tyler has been marching around the house singing "It's a Hard Knot Life."

They found their due love for her.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that her name is written in the sky with fireworks. 


Emily Kaye said...

I hope you continue to introduce them to all the wonderful musicals that are out there! It's wonderful when music fills the house.

Melissa said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I love Annie! :-D Kudos to you for introducing your boys to the classics!

my3boys said...

"It's a hard knot life"! Love!

April said...

Annie is one of my absolute favorite movies ever! My daughter always sang, "It's a Hard Enough Life," because she didn't know what the real words were. We are currently watching Mary Poppins and I am having the same type of memory renewal you were describing. What great memories you are creating with your boys!