Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Their Only Parent

I think I feel most overwhelmed with single parenting when I am worried for my children. 

I sit at this coffee shop, and I cry over their hearts, their learning, their impulses, their grief, and their needs.  With nobody to say it to, nobody who will carry this quite as deeply as I do, though few come very nearly close.

I am their only parent.

Today, my heart aches for Tucker, who has always learned differently than other children, absorbs silently, and shows little of his knowledge to the people who need to know.  I ache for the spirit in his heart, the needs of his mind, the wounds in his soul.

I ache for Tyler differently, on different days.  Today, my heart bleeds for Tuck.

And then I am reminded that I am not their only parent.

His Creator knows his heart.
His Counselor knows his worries.
His Father holds him close.

And this is the God to whom I pour my heart today,
that He will allow the world to see my son
only as his gracious Father allows others to see him.

I am his mom. 
I am not alone.
Neither is Tucker.


Robin said...

Precious words, dear girl!

Leash said...

No you are not alone and what a parent you are to those two boys. You are teaching them that sometimes life is unfair and hard but you are also teaching them to rely on God and cling to the things they love.

txartist62 said...

sometimes children don't get TWO parents half as good as you! it is so obvious what a wonderful parent you are to your boys....even with having to find your own way through this unwanted, unplanned journey.

Laura Thompson said...

Tricia, you were the Holy Spirit to me this morning. He knew I needed to hear these words. Thank you for the reminder. My Mommies heart has been so heavy for several months, reading this, I could feel my heart lighten. He knows their hurts, He sees the struggles, and really, He can carry it sooo much better than I can. Thank you, thank you, thank you!