Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Throwed Up

Tuck woke me up around 3:30 AM.

"Mommy, I think I'm going to throw up.  Will you watch me?"

Watch isn't the verb I would have chosen. Help?  Yes.  Pray for?  Certainly.  Encourage?  You betcha.  Hug?  Repeatedly. 

But watch?  Especially if you merely suspect it's coming, and we need to wait for the premiere?  And it's the middle of the night?

A better mother might have sat beside him and stroked his brow until the sun came up.  This mom hooked him up with a glass of water and a bowl to catch his contents, gave him a strong dose of sympathy, and asked him to keep me posted.

An hour later, he came to my bedside with the bowl in his hands.  Now filled.  (I need not go into further detail.)

He said, "Mommy, look what I have.  I throwed up."

I sat up groggily and quickly took the bowl he thrust my way.

"I'm sorry I couldn't wait for you, Mommy.  I just really had to throw up, and I thought, 'Mommy will be so happy if I throw up in the bowl.'  And so aren't you so happy?"

Yes, sweet boy.  In a very odd, maternal way, I am so very happy you captured this mess in one self-contained place. If vomit must come our way, you handled it well.  Way to be thoughtful, Mr. Top Bunk.

I also told him, since he is now six, that he need not wait for me if he feels like he needs to throw up.  He can handle it on his own, especially if he has clues before it happens. 

It's a big boy thing, kiddo.


Jaimie said...

Poor thing! Throwing up is miserable. Today he is a man.

my3boys said...

I am SO very glad for you that Tuck recognizes the cues and can make it in the bowl. The Mr. Top Bunk in our house is 12 and he isn't nearly as adept. I hope he's on the mend. Poor little guy.


Reminds me of the hilarious anecdote Beth Moore tells about a 1st (?) grade classmate writing her daughter a get-well card during a bout of intestinal flu, "I thrup too."

Cristi said...

Mercy! Mine never made in a bowl or forewarned me for that matter. As a matter of fact sometimes they sat up, (I assume), threw up, and promptly went back to sleep to wake up to the YUK the next morning. Oh so not the best mommy memories.

April said...

Hey, I'm with you, give them a bowl, tell them it will be OK and go back to sleep until they tell you they need you for sure. That being said, I am sorry he wasn't feeling well and hope he's better now.

Janeen said...

"happy mommy" - oh my, I just had to laugh out loud... hope your little man is feeling much better very soon, and that his brother doesn't join in the fun!