Thursday, November 3, 2011

Battlegrounds A and B

Tyler has chosen two battles today:

a. He will not get dressed.

b.  He believes our earth is really one of two, and we live on this one because the other one exploded.

He's especially insistent on Point B.

A PreK friend of his has proven this contention, and Tyler is holding fast to it.

"It's true, Mommy.  The other earth exploded.  In real life.  It's true."

Well, I don't think it is.  But of the two debates placed before me, I choose to battleground A.  It's really the more pressing of the two. 

I'm willing to relinquish his ideas of celestial evolution, just for today. 

Put on your shirt, kiddo.


Enigma said...

Goodmorning! I've been following your blog for a while, but i dont know if i've commented before. Just wanted to say i love your writing! And this little post really made me smile :) Has Tyler seen Star Wars yet? Sounds like it's somthing he might like. haha :)

Mellifluous said...

Maybe his friend read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series as fact instead of fiction. Too funny!


Tricia, this was cute but maybe he's earnest about this because it's what it feels like to him. In a sense, didn't his other world explode?

Jaimie said...

Well, there's one movie out this year about another Earth called Another Earth. Then there's another movie out this year about a planet possibly destroying Earth called Melancholia. Combine the two and there you go.