Friday, February 6, 2009

As Promised

Because of that one little (but mighty) deposit in the potty this week, we made our trek to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. You know, it's just a sticky place. But if it motivates the endless task at hand, I'll go every single night of the week.
(I say that now.)
This game makes me laugh every single time. The faster, the better.

Tyler is not at all sure about moving parts. He was brave enough to stick with Bob the Builder's ride to the finish, but he doesn't look entirely entertained. Notice his white knuckles holding tight to Robb's hand.

Tucker got on the Chuck E. Cheese phone to talk to the mouse himself. He said, "Hi, Chuck E. Cheese. How you doing today? I pooped on the potty...." And there you have it. At least he knows why we're here.

We stopped briefly to eat our pizza and cinnamon sticks, but the greater interest is always the fun. Of course. The pizza isn't worth the pausing, really. Still, it's part of the experience. And then they were right back at it.

We really can't buy few enough coins. The boys have no idea how many we have left throughout the visit; they just plow through them, one ride after another. Each time we go, the adult interest runs out before the tokens do, so we bless someone else's small child with our leftovers.
When it was time to go, after warnings, countdowns, and final choices, Tucker showed his displeasure by thrashing to the ground, letting his legs go limp, and weeping and wailing. Clearly, this is his home away from home.
As we approached the exit, we waved our wrists under the blacklight to show the yellow stamps that prove we belong to each other. Except all four of ours had worn off. She looked and look at each of our wrists. And our screaming children.
She looked at Tucker and she pointed to me, and she said, "Do you know her? Who is this??"
Mr. Language was angry at the woman in question for calling an end to all the fun, and he had no desire to answer or play these games. So here we are, attempting to leave with these crying children who've forgotten our names and offer no proof that they belong to us.
Still, the management let us leave. Not entirely sure how I feel about that breach of security, but I'll think about that another day. Perhaps when it's time to return.
For now, we held up our end of the bargain. We'll see if Tucker keeps his.

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Alli said...

Does it alarm you that your church was more guarded in this "just letting you leave" bit??

It looks like the boys had a blast and like Tuck might just remember this next time :)