Thursday, February 19, 2009

WE did it.

He's potty trained, my friends.

No more pullups.

No more diapers.

No more.

He's doing it, on his own, even through the night, in big boy underwear.

(And he is not yet 3 1/2. Here, I had really lost all hope of success before age four.)

I feel mighty and victorious.

We did it.


Robin said...

SO great, my friend! We've had some good breakthroughs this week too - what a good feeling :o)

Sarah said...

That's great! Do you train other people's kids? I'm going to need some help in, say, 2.5 years?

Sherie said...

Congratulations, my friend!!! You should feel mighty and victorious. I know it felt like it would never happen.