Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm an Aunt Once Again.

My very first nephew was born this week. Hello, World.
Meet the newest little man: Nathan Andrew. He's a doll, let me tell you.

He has kept us on our toes (and on our knees) since we learned he would join our family. The pregnancy was complicated from the start, even with a placental hemorrhage and a miraculous healing that doctors could not explain. And now, months later, he made his dramatic entrance five full weeks before anybody expected him. But he is here. And he is healthy.

His parents are radiant, and my niece is a big sister.
And I am an Aunt, once again. That name never gets old. It's an important job. And I love it.

I'm busily thinking of nicknames for him.
That's what Aunts do.
Welcome to the family, Nate.
May you somehow know how much we have all wanted you.

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