Friday, February 6, 2009

I Say It, Too.

"NOT OKAY is the expression of choice for mothers of my generation.
We use it indiscriminately, for everything from drawing on the table to stuffing the drain full of toilet paper and letting the water run until it covers the floor and heads down the hall."

~ Kelly Corrigan, The Middle Place

So true. I used it multiple times today:

"Tyler, do not pick up the dog poop in the backyard. That is NOT OKAY."


"Tyler, you may not climb over the glass protector between us and our prepared food at Qdoba. NOT OKAY."


"Tucker, you may not push your brother. And you may not order things from me. And you may not hit. These are NOT OKAY."


"Tucker, stop pooping in your pants. You are three, and you are big enough to do this in the potty."

"I'm not fee. I'm four."

"No, you're not four. God help me, you will be potty trained by the time you are four. You are THREE."

"Not fee. I'm one."

Seriously?? Is this my life??

(On second thought, perhaps rationalizing with a three-year-old means that perhaps I am NOT OKAY.)


Sara Laverty said...
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Kerri said...

Oh, Tricia. Let me assure you that you _are_ OKAY - just enduring the natural trauma of mothering irrational short people. Someday you and they both will be OKAY. Hugs,


Robin said...

Oh, Tricia. I love you. And you make me laugh.

Alli said...

(commenting on Kerri's note)

And some day, they WILL BE potty trained!

(just in case you were doubting that fact)