Friday, October 14, 2011

Lily of the Valley

She is a small flower,
about the size of my pinkie.
She seems delicate and fragile
upon first glance,
but she's much heartier than one might think.
She has a gentle presence,
with intricate scalloped edges
on her face turned to the ground.
she has a strong, refreshing fragrance
that fills a room.

I believe I have found a new favorite flower.


Amber said...

I have always loved Lily of the Valley. So feminine and so fragrant. :)

Jaimie said...

She's also deadly poisonous.

(The only reason I know this is because Breaking Bad season 4 just ended and the Lily of the Valley served as a major plot point.)

Pom Pom said...

Hi Tricia!
I like the way lily of the valley pops up on its own. My daughter reads your blog and is blessed by it. I see why.


I think you mean "hardier." Yes, I believe you are.