Monday, October 24, 2011

The New Rule for Rudeness

I am coming to terms with the lost cause that is the complete eradication of rude words in our home. 

(They're not totally inappropriate, just gross and annoying and meaningless.  You know the type: poop, peepee, butt, butthead, etc.  They roll off the tongue a little too easily.)

I'm making myself crazy with the constant badgering to eliminate vocabulary, and it really is fruitless.  I have two boys.  They have an innate love for these words, for what will later be called 'locker room humor.'  I am sorely outnumbered.

So, here's the new rule: be respectful to ladies.  There is primarily one girl in your life.  She doesn't want to hear those words.  If you must say them, then go outside or downstairs or in the bathroom or to the garage.  But do not say them in the car, in my proximity, and most certainly not at my dinner table.

You are going to be gentlemen of respect, and I think we can start with this small request: don't make me listen to your garbage words.  Save it for the locker room.

The policy is effective immediately and retroactive.  I will not change my mind. 

Take heed, young lads.


Amanda said...

I am an avid follower of your blog. Love the words you write. I found your blog through a friend of mine and have been following if for almost 10 months. You are amazing and give me such words of wisdom, God bless you.

PS I also have two little boys (7&6yrs) and I am going to copy your stand on "locker room humor". I agree with teaching them at a young age to be gentlemen.

Christy Bullock said...

With two boys of my own, I understand this frustration, and I love your idea! I'm going to use it too! Little boys (or even big boys for that matter) just have this need in them to say these things and think it's hilarious. Respect for ladies is an important lesson to learn, and this is a wonderful way to begin teaching it! Thanks for the idea!

Maegan said...

I completely agree!! My son is 8 and it used to be a never ending battle, sometimes ending with him getting his mouth washed out. One night, my son said something about poop or farting or something and my husband burst out laughing. That was my lightbulb moment...why was I trying to eradicate behavior that will stay with him throughout his life?!?!?

So, new rule-same as yours! Believe it or not, it works great!!!

Macksgirl said...

Loved this! Laid out this little rule for my 7 year old son yesterday. Unfortunately for him, he has 3 sisters and a mom. Finding a place devoid of "ladies" in our home is going to be a little tricky.