Monday, October 22, 2007

I want to be a cool mom.

I have always been a "girlie girl," about as feminine as they come, with such poor depth perception I have never in my life caught a ball, let alone hit one with a bat.

And here I am, blessed with two little boys to raise.

I want to be a cool mom. I really do. I want to be the mom who brings fun snacks, who plays tag (even if she can't catch the football), who plays good music, and who can handle messy hands and grass-stained knees if it means he had a good time getting that way.

I want to be the cool mom who cheers appropriately at their events, the cool mom that my boys don't mind introducing to their friends, the cool mom who makes them laugh.

In fact, in my efforts to be a cool mom, I actually spent some time in front of the bathroom mirror today, practicing my really good explosion sound effects. (I'm not kidding. Yes, I happened to have my curling iron in hand, but that's beside the point.) I'm going to really impress them with that skill someday.

However, I do not yet pass gas on command, and I have no intention of practicing or mastering that skill, no matter how cool it would make me.

But I intend to make up for that weakness in other very cool ways.

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