Monday, October 8, 2007

Nursing Homes of the Future

I've spent a good amount of time in my grandmother's nursing home this week, and my toddler and I have been strolling the halls, time and time again. (He is becoming quite the little social butterfly, and it is quite a task to keep him from barging into the bedrooms of the elderly.)

As we walk up and down these long halls, I have found myself reading the nameplates on the rooms. All of these patients are so very old, and their names are of a different generation: Agnes, Mildred, Dewey, Selwin, Hazel, and the like.

In another 80 years, those nameplates will have a different ring to them: Katie, Ashley, Brittany, Forrest, Hunter, Jackson, Isabella, Harrison, Grayson, Ella, etc.

And our children's children will stroll the halls and think, "Oh, these names are so old. Can you imagine naming your child that??"

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Robin said...

my fellow blog-a-holic, WHERE ARE YOU? i'm holding down the updating fort here at Sylvan (not really), but sure am missing you! praying that the Lord will surround you with peace as you wait, and that He'll take grandma home.