Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Challenge

Tucker has become a pro with sign language, which is now presenting a new challenge: He has begun making up his own signs.

There is one I just cannot figure out, where he makes his fist and circles his thumb around his index finger. I have been able to determine that it's something to eat, but beyond that, no idea.

It's not so helpful when he's making up signs but cannot tell me what they mean. That defeats the purpose, just a bit.


Nicole said...

That is hilarious! Even though there have been trials with delayed speech, you are experiencing a unique adventure! I am envious! And it already seems like Tucker is Mr. Creative...wonder where he gets that?

Rex said...

Tricia.. I am surprised that you don't know what that sign means. That is the universal sign for, "gimmee some Strickland's Custard". or it could be a derivative of, "Uncle Rex Rocks".