Monday, December 3, 2007

Boys' Clothes

In my quest to dress my boys well, I am often annoyed with children's clothing stores this time of year, and I start all over again in the spring.

At Christmas and Easter, the racks are overstocked with the most darling varieties of dresses, in every size and color, to style any little girl from head to toe. 75-80% of every store is filled with these adorable rows of ruffles and lace... and when I finally find the boys' stuff, it's often stupid. (For example, don't expect to see either of my kids in a blue sweater with a fuzzy bunny and a carrot appliqued on the front at Easter.) It's just annoying.

Not everyone has daughters, and yet we still want our children to look festive and cute enough for a picture. Is it really that hard to showcase cute things for boys?? They keep me on a constant search, for sure!

So, kudos to the two stores that never let me down: Carters and Janie and Jack. You do us mothers-of-boys proud.

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Lauren said...

Though I know you posted this a lonnnnng time ago, I am getting great joy out of reading all of your old posts...and I could not pass this one by!! AMEN SISTER!! I am a self-identified shopping lover, but could the stores and designers do a bit better the with boys clothes! Especially "nice" (non-play) clothes! And let's face it, I have no desire to pay a millioin bucks for something he will only wear for a few months. Carters is great, and Children's place can usually suit my needs for the dress cloths. I believe that if men bought more clothes, they would make cuter baby boy clothes!