Sunday, December 23, 2007

Highlights from Our Holiday Getaway

Our Vacation Crew
(Tyler is tucked inside the stroller)

Uncle Rob and Tucker were inseparable. Such buddies. Every little boy needs a really fun uncle... especially one who knows Mickey Mouse personally.

Tyler and his Poppa

Tucker's Festive Costume

Our little Christmas Tree... Charlie Brown and his friends have nothin' on us...

Tyler was enamored by our little tree.

We took our stockings with us for an early Christmas celebration.

Robb and Rob got lift tickets for a day on the slopes!

While the men were skiing, Tucker and I went on a snowy walk one afternoon, and he learned how to make his very first snowball. Since he was with his mommy, he most certainly did NOT learn how to catch it, but he had to settle for the fun of watching it crumble as it crashed to the ground.
(Check out this scenery.)

Tyler spent much of the week with a dilemma: how could he possibly take time to eat when there were other things to watch, other people to smile at, other things to do??

It was a great week.

It really, really was.

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