Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Night Owl

It is 11:56 PM.

I am only awake because I am editing papers tonight.

But in the bedroom behind me, I just heard a ball bouncing. I turned from the computer desk to see my son, bouncing a ball in his bedroom. It was only then that I noticed the pile of books, blankets, bears, and blocks (no alliteration intended) that he had silently created while I worked at the computer.

And that's when I also heard Tyler start to cry. What should I do first: put Tucker back in bed, soothe Tyler back to sleep, or keep editing this paper that's due before I can go to bed?? (Did I mention Robb is traveling? That eliminates the possibility of asking him to multitask with me.)

Seriously, we are moments away from tomorrow. I have got to get these boys to bed, so I can edit papers, so I can go to sleep, so I can somehow feel rested before they are awake and ready to start all over again.



Nicole said...

I do believe you might want to give up on the "rested" part and instead, invest in some Bobbi Brown under-eye concealer.

I'm just sayin'.

Tricia said...

It's so true. As I shared with a fellow new mom recently, one of the definitions of motherhood is the realization that you can get by with far less sleep than you ever believed.

I'm running on some record lows these days.

Thanks for the makeup tip. I'm always up for it.

Aunt Sharon said...

Tricia my wise boss 38 yrs ago said days before my first son was born---sleep now or you won't for the next 18 yrs. He was so right!!!