Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some thoughts on Low Rise Jeans

I have been in the market for some new jeans recently, and my search for just the right pair has led me across the path of many low rise jeans. Here are my thoughts on them:

I hate them. Seriously.

Thank you, to all the Britney Spears and Paris Hiltons of the world, for making a two-inch zipper the new norm. Good heavens.

I happen to believe that appropriate clothing changes with age and life stages... for example, a teenage girl should dress differently than one who is in college. And a single girl should dress differently than one who is married. Further, a married woman should dress differently than one who has children, and this is where we get to my life stage. I am a married woman with children, and that calls for a different degree of propriety than my single, sorority-belonging sisters.

I would not consider myself to be overly modest, and yet one would think I am the only woman in America who does not want her entire midriff (and lower region) revealed to all the world. I know I said I love my stretchmarks, but I did not say I want them on display.

I finally had to resort to "Classic Rise." I do realize that the name implies a puritan style, a pair in which the button would rise above my belly button, perhaps in the category of "Mom Jeans" (a loose term for any fashion of unflattering jeans, as satirized in a Saturday Night Live sketch). But I assure you, this is not the case.

What was once labeled "Sits Below Waist" in the olden days is now "Classic Rise." Sheesh.

So I found my pair, and they are a good fit, albeit classic in their rise. But it was a long, arduous process in finding them, and the three-way mirrors were not kind.


my3boys said...

From one married-woman-with-children-who-does-not-want-her-stretchmarked-midriff-revealed-to-all-the-world to another:


I got a gift certificate to Kohl's for Christmas as well as an ill fitting pair of jeans from Kohl's so I'm hoping to find something there!

Tricia said...

Dana -
I finally found my jackpot pair of jeans at the Levi's outlet in Castle Rock... not a convenient place for you, but I think you can also find good things at Kohl's.

Good luck to you - and stay the course! :o)