Saturday, December 1, 2007

Denver's Parade of Lights

We had such a GREAT evening last night! We took the train downtown (among the throngs of people) to enjoy the Parade of Lights.

My dad received a private invitation from the Marriott, and he was gracious to include his family in his RSVP. Our evening included dinner in the Marriott ballroom, a special visit with Santa, and reserved bleacher seats to watch the parade.

Let me tell you, this is the way to see the parade.

Tuck was totally enthralled with the train ride... although the picture doesn't show his enthusiasm. He was particularly interested in the sleeping passenger across the aisle from us. He kept pointing to him, then looking at me and saying, "Shhh." Yep. He's sleeping. Finally, when he woke up, Tucker threw his arms in the air and said, "Oh!" Translated: you're awake! Want to play?

Daddy and Tucker shared a Gingerbread Man cookie. This delicacy prompted Tucker to say a new word to describe his cookie: "boy."

Tucker and Santa met again. Tuck was far more comfortable this time, since they met just a week ago at the mall. He also lit up when Santa came by on his float with the reindeer, and Tucker seemed pretty confident that Santa was waving just to him. They're buddies, you know.

The Clock Tower display

Here's my little man, who especially loved the great big floating dog, reindeer, penguin, and Kermit, but nothing compared to the marching bands. He danced, he conducted, and he cheered. Boy after my own heart.

ps - Where is Tyler, you ask? Well, it was just too cold for the little guy, so he had a much cozier evening on a date with Uncle Doug and Aunt Melissa, instead. Try not to tell him how much fun we had... he can go next year.


Sherie said...

We too enjoyed the Parade of Lights on Friday evening. It was a little bit cold but we were wrapped up well in our blankets. As we looked behind us at the Westin hotel guests watching from their rooms the girls said that would be a great way to enjoy the parade!

Tricia said...

So true - that would have been great! :o)

Looking forward to seeing your family on Friday night, Sherie!