Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't read this T-shirt.

This past weekend, on a trip to Walmart to "frump" (definition, "to frump": v. to stroll through Walmart without a list, looking for things you didn't know you needed), I found a new T-shirt for Tucker.

On the front, it says, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Mom."

Yep. That one's going in the cart.

But here's the problem... when I bought it, I was only thinking of the times he would wear it with his angelic smile and sweet attitude, both of which I get fewer and fewer glimpses of, now that he has fully embraced being two.

So now, I am wishing for a t-shirt to put over that one, when he's tantruming and throwing his shoes and socks across the restaurant where I am dining with my friend, just hypothetically speaking. This cover-up would say, "Don't read this T-shirt," or "My mom is not happy that I'm acting this way," or "My mom is happier and thus cuter when I keep my shoes and socks on in public."

If you happen on to said t-shirt, pick one up for me. Size 2T.

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