Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Few Highlights

We have been in Ohio for nearly a week, celebrating my grandmother's life in many ways... the greatest of which is with laughter and togetherness.

I have thought of the best ways to encapsulate the best parts of this week. Short of typing pages and pages of sentiment, there is no perfect way to share what's on my heart tonight. But here's my best shot: a list of my favorite quotes from the last six days.

"My pastor said I have been a wonderful sister... but no, I had a wonderful sister."
~ My Aunt Bett, my grandmother's sister

"I have nothing but wonderful memories with her, and you just can't say that about everyone."
~ My Mom
"My grandma had a gritty side... an ornery sense of humor. And it wasn't until I got older that I was allowed to enjoy her stories. She was a very funny lady."
~ My Brother
"She was my true north. I could always follow her to find my way home. And even now that she's gone, if I follow her example, I will find my way Home."
~ My Uncle
"She was one classy lady."
~ My Cousin
"Grandma and I found each other once I was married with children of my own. She loved being a mother... she used to say, 'I rocked my boys 'til their feet hit the floor.' She loved her boys, and she loved my boys, too."
~ Me
"Mom never quit shopping, and she never quit looking for good deals. She loved to shop and she loved to order things from a catalog. In fact, she ordered a suit just a few weeks ago, and when it came, she discovered she didn't have anywhere to wear it... so she decided she wanted to be buried in it. She shopped for and bought the outfit she is wearing today. I needed to get her a sweater to wear underneath, and she would be proud to know I bought if off the clearance rack for $5.99, even though it was originally $30. She would love that. One last bargain."
~ My Dad
"As the pastor gave the invitation when I was just sixteen years old, my sister nudged me and said, 'Don't you think it's time?' I will always be thankful to my sister for giving me the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ."
~ My Great-Uncle
"Mom would have loved to see the funeral procession - the long line of cars, stopping traffic. She would have loved that."
~ My Dad
It's been a good week.
My grandma would have loved every minute of it.

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Alli Dunham said...

What a beautiful way to capture the week, Tricia. Your grandma was one wonderfully-made and wonderfully-loved lady.