Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Clan on Easter

I love Easter. It is one of my very favorite holidays. I like to think of it as our Spiritual Fourth of July. It's our Independence Day. We are set free... there should be fireworks. There should be parades. There should be great display and grandeur... Christ the Lord is risen today!

We had a very special holiday with our family - with a few extra special moments since this was Tyler's first Easter. He looked very, very handsome.

As for Tucker... well, he has had better days. For starters, I didn't realize until Easter morning that my son no longer wears a 2T. He is a solid 3T now. Therefore, his Easter outfit was unfortunately the very wrong size.

His pants were an inch too short, his shirt wouldn't stay tucked in, his vest wasn't long enough, and his milk belly pooched out over the top of his pants. And when did I realize this would be his appearance for the day? Oh, a half-hour before we were to leave for church. Nice. Not my finest work.

I seriously thought about scratching the whole plan and going with something else in his closet, albeit worn before and not Easter-perfect enough. But, since I have recently been told that I seem to perpetually have my act together and can thus be intimidating, I decided to use this as an opportunity to show weakness in a very public way. My son wore his ill-fitting clothes to church, on Easter Sunday, of all days... such a pride buster for me!

To make matters worse, he was sick. Very sick. Like, four-Nebulizer-treatments-in-one-day kind of sick. A better mom would have kept him at home, but not me. It was Easter. I love Easter. Plus, he had new clothes to wear... such as they were.

He even opened his Easter Basket with his Nebulizer hard at work, settling his lungs. Poor guy.

Between breathing treatments, he played with Tyler and Abby, grazed on various yummy treats, and even played a song on the piano.

He played Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I'm In Love With You.
(Just kidding.)
To finish the day, the children explored the Jell-o eggs MaeMae made for them. They seemed to enjoy the flavor, but neither one of them could get past the texture. (I have no idea where they got that... I am so totally okay with anything on my hands or in my mouth.
Totally. Right. Ahem.)

Tucker is signing cold.

You do have to keep Jell-o in the refrigerator, you know. But it added to the whole sensory integration issue for him, I think.

It was a great day. I really love Easter.

Our family - Easter 2008

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my3boys said...

I had to smile when I saw Tucker's Easter basket! Just the other day a friend told me that there is no such thing as a non-girly Easter basket. I told her that, indeed, there is and I have bought all of my boys rectangular or square baskets. I saw the picture on your post and I was glad to see that once again, great minds think alike!