Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Full Sentence!

We went to Red Robin today for lunch after church. Tucker has a new found love for balloons, and we let him have one at the table (which is a gift of love, since it is highly distracting to the lunch dynamic).

His balloon floated up to the ceiling, too far for him to reach, but not too far for Daddy's Go-Go-Gadget Arms.

I prompted him with some signs, but Tucker put this broken sentence together:

"Daddy, more balloon, please."
You can bet Robb jumped at the chance to get it for him.
This journey continues to be very, very hard most days, but then Tucker gives me a little nugget like this one. I'll hold on to that for a while.


my3boys said...

Yippeeee, Tucker! There's nothing like a little brotherly competition to get a kid to break a barrier! That is how Andrew finally passed out of the Squids swimming lesson last year. We put Brendan in the same class and voila! Andrew passed (it was something like his 4th try)! I know there's more to it in Tucker's case, but there's nothin' wrong with a little brotherly competition if you ask me! :)

Alli Dunham said...

What a beautiful blog, Tricia. I am so proud of him!