Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Egg-stravaganza

We have a very important tradition of coloring easter eggs.
Robb and I have done this every year, and we always count them out and strategize. Mine are pretty and pastel; his are bright and vibrant. And most importantly, his decorative plans always include "the Shemuckel Dunn"... a tradition from his family of origin, which means:
the ugliest egg you've ever seen.
The tradition is now complicated by little hands that are not quite so careful with eggs or dye, but they definitely make the process more interesting.
Tyler watched from afar, with some safer, more durable eggs to play with.
Tucker really wanted to drink the dye, and he was seemingly undeterred by the vinegar flavor. I thought one good lick of the spoon would cure his curiosity, but no luck. We spent the entire time saying, "No mouth, please. No, not in your mouth. Tucker. No mouth."
I'm sure the whole experience was highly creative and very stress free for him.
(We'll work on that next year.)
The end result: a beautiful centerpiece on my kitchen table for the weekend.
And each egg tells a story.

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Alli Dunham said...

Oh, I love this (especially the picture of Tuck's little hands dipping the egg with his carefully written name on it). Adorable memories in the making, my friend.