Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home again, home again.

Our flight home was a great success.

The children were exhausted in every possible way, so they were ready to settle in for a long winter's flight. It took Tyler a while to quit trying to climb out of my arms and into the overhead compartments, but his warm bottle and cozy blanket did the trick. Tucker settled into his carseat without an argument, and thanks to a late departure, Frontier Airlines gave us all free TV viewing on the seatback in front of each of us.

A small price to pay to ensure a flight with a happy toddler.

Robb came home two days before the rest of us, and he surprised us by greeting us the old fashioned way: right there at the gate. He took advantage of some of the perks of traveling often, and he greeted us with a smile and lots of hugs as we stepped off the plane.

The boys were delighted beyond words. Tyler couldn't stop giggling, and Tucker kept patting Robb's leg and smiling at me. If he could, I know he would have said, "Look who I found, Mommy! Look who was waiting for us, all along!"

I love being the mom in this very special family of mine.

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my3boys said...

Ok, I'm looking at the picture of the four of you strolling through the airport and I'm wondering where the double stroller, carseat, diaper bag and other accoutrements were? AND WHO IS TAKING THE PICTURE???