Sunday, March 16, 2008

Side by Side

On a trip to Costco this week, I had the brilliant idea to let the boys sit side by side in the cart. Tyler is big enough, and it's really intended to hold two little children, so we gave it a shot.
It felt like such a milestone, somehow. Just another way for them to be buddies.
They were humbled and awestruck by the magnitude of the experience, as you can see.

Things went along very well, and they sat perfectly alongside one another...
until we got in the store.
It was not a flawless trip of brotherly cooperation, I have to confess.


Thankfully, my list was short.

In the end, I had the bulk items and dry goods I needed to make it through another month,

and I also had proof that my children can do this.

Whether they liked it is undecided, but since neither of them can talk, I get to be the judge.

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Janet Worley said...

I'm not so sure you get to be the judge. You know what they say, "A pictures worth a 1000 words." ;)