Sunday, May 11, 2008

And So It Begins.

Tucker has discovered... well, how do I put this in a manner appropriate for a blog? He knows he is a boy, and he has discovered the unique part that makes him one.

He loves it.

Any time at all, during baths, diaper changing, even just watching Elmo: hands on.


As I was trying to get him into his jammies last night, I finally got annoyed with these hands that are always in the way. Feeling exasperated, and yet hearing the multiple parenting sources in my head shouting conflicting discrepancies regarding if he should be allowed, if he shouldn't, when, how, where, what is appropriate, what is not, what is age specific, what is okay, not okay... I was kind of tired of the whole thing.

After all, I'm a girl. I don't get the love, and I don't have the envy.

I said, "Tucker, please. Hands off right now."

Robb was standing in the hallway, and I heard him quip, "Get used to it, son. For the rest of your life, women will be telling you what you can and cannot do with that thing."


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