Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Fine Art of Dining

Robb put Tucker in his chair for dinner. He presented Tucker with his plate of food, and he pointed out and labeled each item, as we often do. (Although we have to call cheese his special treat, because he'll only eat it if we don't say it's cheese. He'll munch it down without argument, if we don't say that word. Go figure.)

As Robb walked away from the table, Tucker said, "Daddy, fork."

"Oh, you need a fork, buddy? Say please."

"Daddy, fork, please." Robb gave him a fork.

"Daddy, spoon please." Robb gave him a spoon.

"Daddy, napkin, please." As you would expect, Robb gave him a napkin.

And finally, Tuck was ready to eat. Turns out, he respects, values, and needs a completely set table.

Boy after my own heart.

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