Friday, May 9, 2008

Crazy Scattered All Over Town

Okay, let's be honest.

When my husband travels, I tend to let down my guard. I have many things to maintain while he is away, so I let some of his preferences rest for a while, since I know I will have time to make repairs before he comes home. But as I am learning, there is a reason for his lengthy list of preferences: they maintain the livability of our home in a very reasonable way.

As a result, he often returns home to find that I have made some careless choices in the days while I have lived without him. Here are some paraphrased snippets of conversation that took place after his most recent homecoming:

R: "Where are all of Tyler's bottles? We own four, but there are only two in the cupboard."
T: "Oh. Um, one is at my mom's."


R: "Where is Tucker's yellow sippy cup?"
T: "Somewhere at Park Meadows mall."


R: "Where is the extra carseat that goes in the CR-V?"
T: "Tucker's buddy Reece rode in the car with us this week. He needed a safe place to sit. I'll put it back. Oh, right. Before I leave for work with all the working carseats with me, leaving you thereby stranded in our home with our children. Right. Just short of that."


R: "Where is Tucker's black Croc?"
T: "No idea. I think he threw it out the door of the van as I was closing it one day. I saw it on Wednesday. No idea since then."


R: "Where is Tyler's left shoe?"
T: "Not really sure. I think it might be at Jen's house."


R: "Where is your pink water bottle?"
T: "I think I left it at work. I'll find it."


Moral of the story: I make him crazy. I am pretty confident he would live a stress-free, clutter-free life, were it not for the wife God gave him. And yet, he loves me. A lot.

I'm thinking of leaving a bag on the front porch (but not the big pink bag... I think it's... not sure). If something of mine (or his, or either of our children) is at your house, can you drop it off?

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