Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Ten... and Counting.

Just when I thought we were moving on to bigger, better, healthier experiences, Tuck is still sick. My poor little guy. He actually fell asleep with his face nestled into the crook of my elbow this morning.

That was while he watched Finding Nemo, which was right after Elmo's Springtime Fun and before Mickey's Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you, Lord, for DVDs on sick days. (And on some healthy days. Let's be honest.)

You know you have been really sick for a long time when the only thing left to snuggle with are the old towels we use to bathe the dog.

(They are clean, I assure you. And they are a testament to the serious amounts of throwing up that have taken place in the last four days. We are down to the bottom of the linen closet, quite literally.)

This is the face I am eager to see again, someday soon. I have saved this picture, for posterity and as a reminder that this too shall pass, and he will smile again.

He is so sweet, and that is one very silly grin.

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Kennedy Krew said...

Oh girl - I am so sorry!!! I promise this too shall pass!!!