Friday, May 9, 2008


Now that my children are entering the Play Together stage, they often become increasingly interested in the toy the other one is playing with. As a result, I often hear myself shouting from across the room, "Are you being kind? Tucker, share! Tucker, share with your brother! Tyler, that is Tucker's right now. You need to share."

I am pretty confident that my kids are going to enter kindergarten with the misconception that "Share!" means "Stop whatever you are doing that is annoying someone else who lives in our home."

Based on how often I use the term and the tone with which I use it, it is likely that they will think share is synonymous with stop it, PLEASE.

And to be truthful, it kind of is. Not a huge difference, really. And it's okay if they think that for a while.

Please, guys, just stop annoying your brother.

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