Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mom's Just Know.

During a recent evening of work at Sylvan Learning Center, I had the privilege of teaching two little brothers who are very close in age - very similar to my two. As I worked with them, and I watched them laugh together, banter back and forth, and applaud each other's efforts, I realized: this is a picture of my two little guys, in five years. It was very endearing.

Probably because I was distracted by future visions of my own boys, I kept getting them confused. I kept calling one by the other's name, giving one boy his brother's workbook... I just could not keep them straight.

I joked with them, "Guys, how does your mom ever tell you two apart?"

And without missing a beat, the older brother, just seven years old, said, "Well, Miss Tricia, she knows us."

She sure does. Moms just do.

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