Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All in a Weekend.

I take it all back. Not that I said anything bad in the first place... but still, anything I might have said? I retract. My husband CAN do it all. While I was gone for my five-day-getaway without boys or responsibility, he became the CEO of this household.

When I came home, he greeted me with an immaculate house, dishes clean, laundry fresh, dinner waiting, children bathed, and the minivan detailed. And, it turns out, Mr. Entertainer invited guests over for dinner each night, and he cooked for them. New recipes. Seriously.

Oh. One more thing: he painted our bedroom. RED. We had chosen the paint long ago, but we couldn't find the time to tackle the task. Turns out, he just needed me to leave town. I came home to all of the above, and a beautiful bedroom makeover. Oh, my goodness.

Way to go, Mr. Incredible. I am thoroughly impressed.

As it turns out, I am indispensable. :)

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