Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Sketchy Family Tree

Me: Tucker, do you know I have a mommy?

T: No. [With a budding smile, since he clearly thinks it's both absurd and fascinating that someone may have parented me.]

M: I do. Do you know who it is?


M: It's Grandma. Grandma is my mommy.

T: [Gasp.] Dramma?!

M: Yes. And I have a daddy. Do you know who my dad is?

T: No! [How is it possible that I could have two parents?]

M: It's Poppa. Poppa is my dad.

T: Poppa! [How about that?!]

M: And, I am married. Who am I married to?

T: Ohio.

M: No, not Ohio. Somebody is my husband. Who is it?

T: Tricia.

M: No, that's my name. Who is my husband?

T: [Pause.]

M: It's Daddy. I'm married to Daddy.

T: [Gasp. This is all apparently so alarming to him.] Daddy?!

M: Yes. It's Daddy. And I have a brother. Who is my brother?

T: Tyler.

M: No, Tyler is your brother. Who is my brother?

T: Mason.

M: No, Mason is Reece's brother. (Tucker and Tyler's best friends are Reece and Mason. Clearly, if Mason is somebody's brother, then he must be mine too.) My brother is Uncle Rob.

T: [Gasp.] Uncle Rob?? I love Uncle Rob! He's my favorite!

M: I know you do. I love him, too. He's my brother.

(It suddenly occurs to Tuck that I must have had the most fun childhood ever, if Uncle Rob is my brother. He's beaming in the backseat.)

I should have let it go, on that happy note. But no, ever the teacher in pursuit of long term comprehension, I decided to review.

M: Who is my husband, Tuck?

T: Tricia.

M: Who is my mommy?

T: Ohio.

M: Who is my daddy?

T: Uncle Rob.

M: Who is my brother?

T: Tyler. No, Mason.

Um, no. No, no, and no. We'll keep working on it.

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Polly said...

Actually your brother has long been convinced that you did indeed have the very best childhood ever, just because you got to have him as your brother. And I imagine Rob is so glad that finally someone else agrees.