Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Might Be Time for a Big Boy Bed When...

Tyler finished his nap prematurely today, and I didn't respond right away to his signals that he was ready to be retrieved from the crib. Naptime is precious, and it takes some serious negotiating to cut it short. So when he complained and fussed at me, I didn't come running right away.

But finally, his wails won out. When I went into his room, I found him teetering on the edge of his crib, balancing himself with his toes on the rail and his hands on the top of the dresser. He had cleared the top of the dresser and emptied the top drawer. He had coated CDs with lotion, and he had retrieved a snow cap and mittens from within the dresser. All while he balanced on his tippy toes.

I retrieved him - quickly - and I gave a strongly worded lecture about not climbing.
Then I asked him, just once, to show me how he did it.
But not before I got my camera.

And so, as you might imagine, he has been promoted: just one day shy of his second birthday. As designed, Robb converted the crib to a toddler bed by taking off the side rail.

Tyler's response: "Oh, thank you, Daddy!"

"Look out, world. Tomorrow, I will be two years old. You are not ready for me."

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Robin said...

I really think he and Haddie could be a match made in heaven...