Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please be my Friend.

Do you know what I did today? I found my favorite author on Facebook. Not just her fan club - the real deal. I found her.

I sent her an invitation to please-oh-please be my friend. (It's not really quite that transparent on Facebook... it doesn't convey that degree of pleading. But if a measure of one's heart can be attached to such a virtual invitation, then I definitely sent my heart into cyberspace.)

I told her I love her book(s), her characters, her voice, and her thoughts. I asked her to please keep writing. And, you know, I asked her to be my friend.

Because, if I ever become a novelist, I would like for her to write something charming, witty, and compelling on the back cover. And we'll know it all started on Facebook.

p.s. Which brings me to the other thing I did today: I started writing my novel. I really did.


Kathryn said...

I am friends with two of my favorite authors on facebook. Makes me feel special!

my3boys said...

You go girl!

Tricia said...

She said yes. She is officially my friend.

I will try to be wise in my interactions with her. Lest she think I am more than an avid reader and fan of hers. :)