Saturday, June 25, 2011

Best Pizza in Town

Big Bill's. Two baskets of garlic knots. Medium pizza with pepperoni and Canadian bacon. Two diet Cokes. One with lime. One without. (That 'without' was a deal breaker in the realm of the generous tip.)

That was our usual.

We ate there every Friday night when I was pregnant with Tyler. I claimed it was Tyler's favorite, in utero. Who can resist a large pregnant woman with serious cravings? Not Robb, I'll tell you that much.

Tyler's first birthday was at Big Bill's. Since it was so naturally in his blood, it seemed appropriate.

We ate there every Sunday after church. Every Sunday.

Leona waited on us. Every Sunday.

Their decor is almost entirely comprised of framed napkins with the doodles, notes, and drawings of their patrons.

I took the boys last night for dinner.

One basket of garlic knots. Medium pepperoni pizza. A diet Coke with lime. Two small lemonades (diluted, please).

'The usual' has changed a bit at our table.

Leona stopped by. She hadn't seen us in a while; she hadn't heard. She didn't know.

I told her. "It was sudden and tragic, Leona. We thought it was the flu."

She was stunned. Everyone is, when they first hear.

She put her hand on mine. "I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad."

I added to their decor. They hung it up immediately. As in, four minutes after I handed it to Big Bill, the hostess brought me the framed, finished product.

Then, Big Bill himself took my two little boys on a tour.

"Here's your daddy's napkin, boys. You come see it whenever you want."
Big Bill and Leona bought our dinner.

"We hope you'll come back."

Oh, we'll be back.


stephanie garcia said...

What a gracious, tender response. What a blessing to you and your boys!

thewonderfulhappens said...

I'm so glad you went back. I'm so glad they get it.

Tyler & Brenda said...

So Precious.
Thank you so much for your transparency as you share about your life. I am a regular reader of your blog. I often think of you and pray for you and your sons.


Beth said...

Oh Tricia,
Thank you for so openly sharing. I wish so much for you that he was still here. Eating Garlic Knots. Instead, I pray for you and the boys every single time I think of you. And that is a lot.
Love you...

Claire said...

Next time we're in Denver (which will be on our way home to California as we complete our Canada/Eastern US trip in Dec), we're going here for pizza. I want to see the napkin--and shake the hand of those terrific people. What big hearts they have.

shellycoulter said...

Awesome! I'm still praying for you and those sweet boys of yours regularly. Thanks for sharing your life with the online community. :)

Jaimie said...

So beautiful.

Noel said...

What a great story of their kindness, and I love Big Bill's, too!

The best part of this story? You were brave enough to return to one of your favorite places even though you knew it wouldn't look the same. That's a hard step, sugar, and you did it! Well done!

Jan Verhoeff said...

Should have read your blog earlier. We went to Anthony's Pizza for lunch... Might have made a switcharoo (I'm not nearly as fond of Anthony's as my teenaged boys are. lol)

Sunday lunches are always special, Elizabeth likes Pizza. She prefers Cici's Pizza, but sometimes the Uncles change it up a bit. :)

Make it a great Sunday, Tricia. You looked great today in Church. We've missed you. :o (and, I know you NEVER hear that... lol)

txartist62 said...

so glad you went back...what sweet, thoughtful people. beautiful post.

Mrs. MK said...

Oh, that kind of love. It's the best kind. Let me be that kind of person, too!

Lauren said...

I love me some Big Bill's, but now I love it even more. :)