Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Many Cats, Not Enough Recipes.

Our family is allergic to cats. On the love-hate spectrum, we lean strongly to one side.

Tyler says they make him sneeze.

Tucker says he can't breathe.

I say they turn my hair purple. (Just adding variety. My situation is actually similar to Tyler's. Add puffy eyes.)

Uncle Rob says he doesn't like their attitude.

Poppa often finds them undercooked.


DenverSop said...

Awww! And I was just thinking how terribly I miss my kitties since I am away from home this week. If I were allergic to them, I might feel differently, but as I am, I feel a special kinship with them. Ah, well, if you can't find a decent recipe, at least you know the next stray that shows up on your doorstep, you can send to my house!

Claire said...


Noel said...

Too funny, this was our family joke, too. When we were little and someone offered us a kitten my dad stepped in and said "Oh, that's ok, we already have a freezer full."