Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Pirates and The Princesses

It really is the most magical place on earth.

The common misnomer is the 'happiest place on earth', but that's Disneyland. My children cried at least once a day on our visit to Disney World, for various reasons depending on the day. So maybe that doesn't happen in California.

But it was truly magical.

When my children come face to face with the manifestation of their imaginations, when they meet the characters that they've only known in their favorite movies, when they watch Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly, when they can fight their own battle against Emperor Zurg - I'm telling you. Talk about pixie dust.

A fellow tourist said to me, "Now, how old are your children?"

"They are four and five."

"Well, my children are 11 and 13. We intentionally waited to bring them until they were older."

It's nice to meet you; I intentionally brought them while they are small.

I'm sure there are some definite perks to doing Disney Parks with children whose legs don't tire. On the flipside, there is also something truly unbelievable about taking children who are young enough to absolutely believe in every ounce of it. They never even ask if it's real; it doesn't cross their minds that something might be manufactured for their benefit. It's real deal.

They believe in it all.

And maybe I didn't just take them 'for them.' In part, I took them 'for me.' We needed some magic in our lives.

And it helps that Uncle Rob can make it all happen - the Global Puppet Specialist with the Entertainent Show Quality team of Walt Disney World (say that ten times) - can make it all happen.

I just have one small, teeny tiny philosophical issue with the WDW. The Dub-Dee-Dubs. (I just made up that nickname. Kind of proud of it. Smilling to myself... digressing.)

It's the whole push for every girl to be a princess and every boy to be a pirate.

Sure, there's a high degree of enchantment when you hand a girl a tiara, a boy a sword.

But if I may push the magical envelope, I don't so much dig the idea that girls should aim to be helpless, pampered, in need of masculine rescue, and - above all else - glittery beautiful and put on display.

And boys? By all means, hand them a weapon upon arrival. Let's set on a pedestal those who steal, rape, pillage, and poke each other's eyeballs out. That's definitely the little tourist I want at my dinner table.

Especially one who believes it can all come true.

Granted, Disney would lose a lot of revenue if they gave all little boys make-overs to become Prince Charming. But even the prince? What'd he do? He kissed a girl. She fell asleep; he kissed her. Voila. Hero.

Again, my hat is off to Rapunzel. Way to think outside the castle, girlfriend.


Majorsfam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I often think certain people in my life are like Disney characters. I have issues with most main characters, but I have to agree with you about Rapunzel (or however she spells it). I was just talking the other day about how it really doesn't matter what horrible thing happened to us when we're little, or how much money we had growing up, or how our parents chose to discipline (or not discipline)..... we are in control of the type of person we are now. If "Daddy" treated us like we're not loveable, we need to grow up and realize our worth, especially our worth in God. Because if we cling to how Daddy treated us, we will never become loveable! I LOVE how little miss tangled decides she's not going to let her past dictate her future! Oh, and as a side note, pirate play is banned from our home..... pirates are bad guys with a frightening lack of morals (aside from the Veggie Tales lazy kind, and even they are lacking in character). I hope to take my kiddos while they're still little! I agree with you!

Kathryn said...

We are doing a one day whirlwind in the WDW this fall and I HATE when people make the comment that she is too young and they are waiting to take their kids till they are older. Fine with me. I can't wait to see Elizabeth overcome with excitement and I can't think of a better age to take her because she believes everything there is real and there are no costumes! Glad you had a good trip!

txartist62 said...

i love it! your last couple lines says it all :). glad you and your boys enjoyed some magic. i'd say you all deserved it.

Heidi J Johns said...

We intentionally take them as often as we can. :)

The first time we went to WDW, Brit was almost 3 and was enamored with Tinkerbell. During the lights parade, the guy playing Peter Pan walked up to her and said, "You look just like Tinkerbell."

The magic struck, Brit was in awe, and he was my hero. (Of course we had to watch "Peter Pan" the movie for months after. Small price to pay for such a moment.)

This last time, she was 9 and Annika was 13. It was all about Space Mountain and Pirates.... Still magical though (even for 43 year old me).

Jaimie said...

My favorite princesses:

1. Jasmine. Yeah, she did go all boy-crazy, but she was an independent person before, sneaking outside the palace like that.

2. Mulan. She didn't need someone to save her or her family.

3. Tiana. Like Jasmine, she aspired for more than the society's expectations of her. She wanted to do things her way.

Penny said...

To the one who said they intentionally waited until there's were older: I did the same thing. We knew that our trip would be a ONCE in a lifetime one (sadly, no Uncle Rob here lol), so we waited until the youngest was old enough to ride everything and "remember" it. The only problem with that is the older two were too old to be entranced. Although we had a good time, it was NOT the same. If I had it to do over~ I would have made this trip happen at least once before the "magic" of childhood evaporated, even if it meant going more than once (or twice). :) Your little guys are so blessed. Thanks to you and Uncle Rob, they can have magic more often than most. :)

Terry said...

dear tricia...don't tell me!!
it all IS real isn't it?...YOU know, ROBB knew and TY and TUCK surely know!!
...and walt disney and mickey mouse knew!
i enjoyed this sentence from my friend, amrita's blog.
"When was the last time you did something childlike out of sheer joy?
Said something childlike?
If these thoughts energize you, express your delight in God in the way a child would..."

go for it sweet tricia!!!!love terry

Anne said...

And Belle. She saved the prince. Loved her (well, the movie). But Rapunzel rocked it, too.

You rock, too, Tricia.

(And I don't think your boys will grow up to be pirates).

Erica said...

We just took our twins last week for their 6th birthday. I laughed so hard and 100%agree...although how cool is it for the princesses to get asked "what do you for a living?" "I'm a princess."