Thursday, June 30, 2011

Born to Fly

Tyler's class has been studying bugs, spiders, creepy crawlers, and butterflies. He has been all about this, loading me up on details about all these little critters.

He is an expert on spider webs, cocoons, the preying mantis, and he tells me a ladybug peed on him last week. I really didn't know a ladybug could urinate, although I guess it makes sense. I should google that.

They did a close study of the butterfly life cycle, watching in their little labratory. And when their caterpillar was free from his cocoon, when his wings were dry and he longed for freedom, they took him outside and let him fly away.

That afternoon, Tyler didn't want to talk about it.

"I just wanted to keep it. I didn't want to let it go."

"But, Tyler, butterflies were made to fly."

"He could fly. In his cage."

"Buddy, he was born to fly anywhere he wants."

"Well, I'm going to the pet store. And I'm buying a cocoon. And when he's a butterfly, I'll keep him forever. I'll never let him go."

His first encounter with wanting to hold tightly to that which must be free.

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Terry said...

this is a wonderful story tricia..
what a tender soul your little ty is and how honest , wanting to keep that butterfly forever...after all he waited until it was born and then to have to let it it must have touched is very inner heart.
tricia, i love children who respect and love god's little creatures and do them no harm...i remember when i was little, all of the kids in the neighborhood knew better than to be squashing bugs.
two years ago, i met on line one boy who used to live in rivers manitoba air force base near the golden fact i used to babysit him..and one of the first things he said to me on my blog was, "terry, i will never forget the day that you had a fit on gary[my brother] and me when you caught us stamping on a bunch of bugs!"..oh tricia sure wasn't a pretty sight! yesterday, i too remember this and that was almost 50 years ago..oh my!

and yes tricia, those pretty little lady bugs do pee on a person and they DO[alas!] fly away!

this post has made my terry

ps...what is it about the name "tyler".
they are a lover of nature, especially of small creatures...i had a tyler who i used to pick up for sunday school and one day one of the kids squealed on him, to me, that he had a snake in his pocket..well, i marched up to him and as he was sitting in sunday school with all the other kids, i held out my hand.."tyler, you give me that snake! will suffocate in your pocket!"..well, it took some doing but give it up he did...[tricia, you should of seen some of the mothers..for sure and they looked scared!]....i told tyler not to worrry..i would return that snake at the end of sunday school...and so i did ...i had put it into a margarine container in which i had placed grass and i put tiny holes in the plastic lid, so the creature could if i had known that this tyler was cruel to animals, i never would have given him the snake back...that little guy had and nurtured that snake for a long time!

i have talked too much tricia. but i am telling you..this post has made my day!!..god bless you..