Sunday, June 5, 2011

With and Without





I did this on purpose.
Because they might not remember the first trip,
but I think they'll remember the second.
And I want them to know that Daddy made magic with us too.


Penny said...

You are such a great mom! Love the pictures, even though seeing the "before" ones made my heart ache for y'all again. God bless!

Claire said...

Yep--you can see him in their smiles :)
They will always know Daddy is a part of their lives as he continues in them in so many ways. I'm sure you see him often in Tuck and Tyler :)

Terry said...

dear tricia...for some reason, i think those boys will never forget the magic of BOTH could they?...your blog will be their legacy..their inheritance!
what a precious gift! terry

my3boys said...

Love this. :)

txartist62 said...

it brought a smile to my face to see you and your boys looking so genuinely happy. those adorable little guys are so lucky to have you. it's so great that you are making sure they will remember fun memories with their dad, while showing them (and you) that it's still possible to experience joy and happiness while making new memories. God bless all of you.

Amy said...

Tears and prayers. Again:)