Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Six Words

Sometimes I find my heart on someone else's page. It's like coming face to face with a stranger I know so well; it's like having someone else introduce me to myself.

Check out this excerpt from Signs of Life, by Natalie Taylor. She has me thinking in six-word increments.


I decide to wander through Borders bookstore for a while. I find a book called, "Not Quite What I Was Planning."

Smith magazine invited its subscribers to submit their own six-word memoirs. The book was inspired by an Ernest Hemingway Line: "Baby shoes: for sale, never worn." Hemingway proved that an entire story could be told in six words.

The book is amazing. It's funny and sad. I want to meet all of the people behind the quips.

"I'm ten and have an attitude."

"I still make coffee for two."

"Accidentally killed cat. Fear anything delicate."

One of my personal favorites: "Birth, childhood, adolescence, adolescence, adolescence, adolescence."

Of course I think about my life in six words. What would it be? What six words would summarize the insanity of the last year of my life, let alone the first twenty-four?

What first comes to mind is "Single widowed mother trying to recover."

But then, I reason, if I only had six words, would I choose the word widow? Would I allow that word to make up my identity? Just a half-dozen words to describe everything I've been through - would widow make the team?

If I wanted to be as descriptive as possible, then certainly widow does explain a lot.

I am a widow, at least in title.

But after reading through some more six-word memoirs, I decide that if I only had six words, I wouldn't take widow.

"The female version of Indiana Jones."

That's not mine, that's an entry on p. 29. It's brilliant. I want to be friends with that girl. Maybe she's a widow too and she just decided that her adventurous spirit was more important than her marital status.


Sarah Jacobson said...

I love this! A while back, I wrote about this too-not so eloquently as you...but my 6 words are: "I've been redeemed, how about you?". I'll have to go back to that blog and see what other people wrote...thanks for sharing your heart and soul. Love to you and the boys.

Stephanie said...

Wow, Tricia. I just saw her on Dr. Phil Friday and wondered if you knew about her book. When I heard her story, I thought of you immediately. I feel like you two are destined to meet face to face.

Majorsfam said...

If Oprah were still filming day time... I think I'd have to write in and tell her all about how she needs to have you on her show. You'd be such a blessing to her audience, and I think she'd spoil you with all sorts of goodies! I don't really care for her, entirely, but I love how generous she is. And I don't think getting spoiled by Oprah would heal your heartache, but if I could think of ANYONE right now that I'd choose to go get spoiled a bit, it'd be you! Oh, and I love this 6 word deal. The previous comment mentioning Dr Phil made me think of Oprah, lol. I wonder what my 6 words would be..... gonna have to schedule time tomorrow to think about that. I've got too much thinking already scheduled for today!

my3boys said...

My 6 words to describe Tricia:
So stinkin' smart, eloquent, and brave.

txartist62 said...

great post, tricia. i had heard her story as really could be kindred spirits. it would be wonderful for you two to get in touch. i am sure you will find many possibilities for your "6 words" as time marches i'm sure it is for most people. it would be an interesting thing to "update" each year.

txartist62 said...
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joyfulmom_8 said...

God is using you to minister.:)

Kelly Evans said...