Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clever Semantics

We have a growing list of Rude Words at our house: words that are 'not okay' in the everyday vocabulary of two little boys.

You know the list. Shut Up. Poopie. And the like.

So, since the boys know they cannot drop these words into their common dialogue, they try other ways of getting their hands on the coveted language.

"Mommy, I don't want to say poopie."


"I don't say poopie. Ever. If I do, I get in trouble. So I don't. I don't say, 'Hey, poopie. What are you doing, poopie?' I don't say that. Because I don't say poopie."

"Hey, everybody! Don't say shut up! What?! No, I didn't say shut up. I was just telling everybody else not to say it. Don't say it, everybody. Don't say shut up."

Loophole Detectives. That's what they are. Clever wordsmiths, you might say. If you are allowed to say such words at your house.

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